Vernonia Geographic

Information to fuel the success of our community

Web and Print Maps

Vernonia Geographic maintains web maps to help City Staff be more efficient and make better decisions in real time, as well as providing the community with access to important information about Vernonia through web and print maps.

GIS Data

Vernonia Geographic curates Vernonia specific data sets, as well as utilizing third-party data, to perform analysis and create maps to support City business, and provide decision makers with information to make better decisions for the community.


Vernonia Geographic keeps the community informed on important GIS announcements. News posts cover data updates, web map information, and more. Like Vernonia GIS on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, for more Vernonia Geographic news and information.

Popular Maps

Vernonia Map

City of Vernonia interactive web mapping platform.

Vernonia Zoning

Map showing Vernonia's land use Zoning and municipal boundaries.

Columbia County Map

Columbia County interactive web mapping platform.

Latest News

Flood Map Now Available

A print-friendly PDF map of FEMA flood zones in Vernonia is now available.

Vernonia Geographic Has A New Website

For over 3 years the City of Vernonia’s Geographic Information System (GIS) has been online at helping City Staff and the community make our community a better place. The website has recentl...